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Predictor Wiki is focused on bringing sports fans all over the world together. The main goal of the wiki is to organize prediction games for sports events like Formula 1, European and World Championships etc. We play for fun, not money.

Every prediction game has its own information page where you can find all information you need. You can see what we organize and how we organize it. Often we use the website Kicktipp for the game. Apart from that we host some things on discussions on this wiki.

We hope to see you in the game!

Prediction Games
At the moment Predictor Wiki is hosting a prediction game for the Formula 1. For the main game we use Kicktipp, together with the discussions feature on the wiki itself. Its use is totally free, although Predictor Wiki can't be held responsible for unforeseen costs. You can register here just by giving your email address, setting a password and confirming after you receive a mail in your mailbox. See here for a detailed help on using Kicktipp.

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